Latex Couture like a Poem

How to care for latex

Take good care of me
I am precious
‘Tis is how you’ll cherish me:

  1. hand wash me with a mild shampoo or washing liquid and rinse off subsequently
  2. add a small drop of silicon oil into clear water and wiggle me through a couple of times for that characteristic glossy finish*
  3. hang me up to dry both inside and out 

If you store me, do so away from dust and light, e.g. in a garment bag or zip lock bag. This way I’ll be ready to hug and embrace you at any time.

If you wear me and I am the really slim type, use some extra oil as dressing aid, so you can happily slide me on with comfort.


metals aren’t a friend of mine and contact might discolor me

sunlight will dry me out and eventually perish me (oil and powder serve as protection)

long nails and sharp objects can break me

natural latex products, like myself, may cause allergic reactions for some people

* in case you’re not a fan of oil and prefer a more matte finish, let me dry right after my wash and powder me with talc for my protection

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